Prpducts Introduction.

Pumpkin Seed Oil (Producer:GEA d.d. Country:Slovenia)

Ottoman Bath Soaps
Rich smell with peculiar flavor !

This oil has been mainly loved in Eastern Europe such as Austria, Slovania and Croatia.
They produce this oil from big colorful pumpkins which usually are used at Halloween parties.
The color is dark green and smells so nice. Taste is very rich and quite different from Olive oil.

They contain various nutrients such like Protein, Aliphatic acid, Beta carotine, Vitamin E and many kins of minerals. In Europe, pumpkin seeds oil are being used as healthy supplement too.

Rolled Buckwheat Noodles (Producer:Zito d.d. Country:Slovenia)

Ottoman Bath Soaps
Japanese Soba taste noodles!

This "Rolled Buckwheat Noodles" is the first Soba-noodles produced in western world. Buckwheat, itself, is being cultivated in many countries in the world, and has a position as one of important food resources in some countries, however, only few countries such as Japan, China, Korea and Buhtan process them to noodles for eating.

Rolled Buckwheat Noodles have newly innovated as the first Soba base noodles in Europe. Please try this new and exotic flavor from Slovania.

Beach Toes (Producer:Sambora. Country:Australia)

Ottoman Bath Soaps
For active girls!

This nail is one of product series of Australian manufacturer "Sambora". They produce nail manucures not only for usual ladies but also for special athletes like pro-surfer.
This fact means Sambora's nails last long and also have dulability against outer stimulation such as hot sunshine, strong ocean waves etc. You can choose your favorit color out of 8.
Why dont you try one of Australian tastes in Summer under strong sunshine?

Ottoman Bath Soaps (Producer: OLIVOS. Country:Turkey)

Ottoman Bath Soaps
100% Natural&Handmade!

Ottoman was named after Ottoman Empire which became present Turkey. They have typical
traditional design in Turkey. Their smell is lemon grass which will give you open-minded feeling.

You can apply this soap to not only body but to hair wash too and will give volume and
brightness to your hair.
There are three kinds of package design. All of them are exotic and nice looking, so they will
best fit for gift to your friends.

Bath Salt (Producer: Albatros. Country:Jordan)

Bath Salt
Bath salt from dead sea!

This product is one of bath additives with special feature. Their basic ingredient is salt from famous Dead Sea in Jordan where all people can not go underwater due to too rich salty water.
Salt from Dead Sea is known by high concentration of salt and minerals, especially of sulfuric acid Magnesium.
Directions for use is just same as usual bath additives. After taking bath, washing your body with soaps is not necessary. By washing out this bath salt with hot water is effective enough.

Pleae try by your self and use as gifts to your friends.
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